January 2, 2019

More people have heart attacks in January than in any other month of the year. If this doesn’t pertain to you… keep reading.

Heart attacks can happen to anyone: young, old, middle aged, man, woman, transgender, ethnicity and even out of shape or if you think you’re in o...

December 16, 2018

Pneumonia – Hey Ronnie Personal Training

More than 3 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE U.S. get Pneumonia every year.

Why? How? And how serious is it?

Pneumonia may seem like an odd thing for a Personal Trainer address but several of my clients and many acquaintances have suffered fr...

November 19, 2018

Thanksgiving – Enjoy it don’t dread it! Here’s how:

We all look forward to Thanksgiving dinner, but for many, it’s also the stressor in the back of your mind- you’re afraid you’ll overeat, not just at that one dinner, but all the way through New Year’s Eve.

And telling o...

September 18, 2018

The DASH Diet

 The DASH Diet: is being lauded by doctors, registered dietitians, and many celebrities. It was specifically created to lower High Blood Pressure but is proving to be also good for losing weight.

DASH stands for:





The Dietary...

September 6, 2018

Interrupted, sporadic. Alternately stopping and starting repeatedly

Intermittent Fasting

Lots of people ask me about Intermittent Fasting. More than 1 million copies of Intermittent Fasting books have been sold in the U.S. and the UK.  I have clients who have done it. Mo...

August 5, 2018

“How much do I need to exercise to lose weight?"

Well what do you mean by “how much”? How often? How long?
How hard? “Yes, yes and yes?”
Short answer: often and as intensely as you can.

Long answer: all of that depends on your; goal, schedule,
fitness level, calo...

July 22, 2018

Poh-TAY-Toe, I say Poh-TAH-Toe

The biggest controversy over potatoes is not you pronounce it, but if they make you fat. Yes and no. “Yes” if you eat too many of them made the wrong way or loaded with the sugar-laden high-calorie toppings, but “no” if you cook and prepar...

July 8, 2018

“…But Fruit has so much Sugar!!!!” I hear this ALL THE TIME. Yes, fruit has sugar but fruits have much less fructose than refined foods, or, even sugar. That’s important as to why a 95-calorie apple is much better for you than a 60-calorie cookie.  Refined sugar releas...

June 26, 2018

Why am I not losing weight?!

I work out. I eat healthy. I diet. Yet I still have the bulge, the fat rolls, the big thighs, the weight… or some other thing that I don’t like!  

First, you are a bit different than others, so not one reason fits all. Not all calorie-burning...

May 29, 2018

Truth or Myth? Eating after 7 or 8 or 9 pm makes you gain weight. Answer: MYTH. (usually)

     A calorie is a calorie is a calorie is a calorie no matter when you eat. The number of calories your body takes, combined with the number of calories your body burns, determin...

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December 16, 2018

September 18, 2018

September 6, 2018

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January: highest month for Heart Attacks

January 2, 2019

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